Leave Your Daily Hell Experience

Product 1: Land area close to Robert Schrader’s plot. Very good land area for setting up a tent and spending as many nights you wish! Select any of the plots below and purchase for a 20% discount using code: ROBERT20


Purchase a pre-arranged travel package ensuring you get the travel guide services and for full Lapland experience!


Product 2: pre-arranged trip for 1-4 persons.

-          One Unelmaa Land area

-          3 nights stay in the local resort (link here) (cabin can accommodate 1-4 persons), includes Finnish sauna for 2 evenings.

-          Travel guide service

o   Car transfer from local resort to your own Unelmaa Land

o   Suitable tent and equipment for 1-4 persons to stay in your own land. Tent is rented for 1 night, extra nights available for a small fee.

o   Guide service to help you to put up your tent, make fireplace and set up your camp.

o   24 hour telephone service to help you in case you need anything when you stay on your Land.

o   Finnish sauna

-          Practicalities:

o   Your arranged trip starts when you reach the local resort. Resort is easy to reach: Fly to Rovaniemi or Kuusamo and take a bus to Salla or take a train to Kemijärvi and bus to Salla. From Salla, take a taxi for 10 kilometers, cost is about 30eur and you are in the local resort.

o   You have 3 nights pre-booked in your resort. Idea is that you spend the first night in the resort and then the next morning the guide takes you to your own land. Guide has also the tent and equipment arranged for you. You will stop to a local grocery store to pick food and drink, and guide will give you advice of what you need.

o   The second night you will stay in your own land. We hope it will be a truly magnificent experience! Sleeping outside in wilderness is a mind-opening and refreshing and everyone will experience it in a his/her own way. You can call the guide 24hour in case you have problems so that you have a backup if needed.

o   The third night is up-to you. You may want to sleep in the pre-arranged local resort, or you may want to continue your stay in Unelmaa Land. Of course if you want, you can stay in your own land for as many nights you wish – it is your Own Land!

-          Customization

o   We want to make this a super experience for YOU! This means that we are happy to customize the content and be flexible so that you can have a positive experience that you will remember – and visit Your Land again in the future!

-          Add-ons

o   Salla area has many interesting places not to mention the whole Lapland area!

o   We are happy to arrange any special program or accommodation. You may also want to arrange the program yourself.

o   Two program items to visit the local activities, suggestions: Reindeer park and Tuntsa hiking

-          Schedule

o   You purchase your package now and you get immediately the Land you have selected.

o   You should make your trip before the end of 2015. However, if you are not able to make it in 2015, you can still make it before end of 2017 but Unelmaa has a right to check the price in case the accommodation, program or guide costs have increased.

o   You should inform us at least 30 days prior to your visit regarding the actual 3 nights. We will then confirm the availability and confirm the schedule. If you cancel within the 30 days Unelmaa you can re-schedule to a later time but Unelmaa has the right to invoice costs related to re-scheduling.

-          When should I visit my own Land?

o   Lapland is great place to be all-year-round! However, it is very-very-different during all 4 seasons. Some special seasons are:

o   Autumn – leafs turn red and yellow, no insects, getting a bit cold but nature is quiet and beautiful. Possibility to see Auroras.

o   Winter – middle of the winter you can experience day-without-any sunlight! Very cold, no insects. Best possibility to see Auroras.

o   Spring – it takes a long time for the snow to melt. Sprint is the time the nature wakes up!

o   Summer – warm, even hot if you are lucky! Midnight sun – you can party 24 hours and the sun never goes down. Plenty of small mosquitos (harmless but annoying to some people). No Auroras because of the sun light


Trip cost: 899eur (currently = 1.126 USD)


Cost item breakdown:

-          400€ - Land

-          200€  - 3 nights in resort + sauna for 2 evenings: 130eur + 2 breakfast

-          200€ - Guide service (estimates)

o   day 1 - welcome evening

o   day 2 - car, setup tent, phone backup service for 24 hours etc…

o   day 3 – breakfast together in the Unelmaa Land, activities, car back to resort

-          100€ - Rent for tent + gear


Robert’s special – get 10% discount for 2 weeks on this package (you pay: 809EUR = 1013USD)