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Posted: May 14 2014

Finally this is real. We've been working hard with our concept to create a real possibility for everyone to buy land in affordable price. We want to make this as bullet proof and transparent as possible. Every piece of land we put on our website is individual and has really been visited by us.

I visited our Lapland land area in Salla, Finland on april 2014. There was so much snow in the forest that walking was really hard and difficult. I spent two days in the forest and totally fell in love for the peaceful silence and fresh forest air to breathe. 

I photographed pieces of land with two cameras I was carrying with me in the deep snow. One camera was for creating 360 panorama of each land and the other for capturing the special details of each land. It is really exceptional how different land lots look when you take detail photos of each. The Canon 6D cameras with gps I used enabled to make sure that location data is stored into image exif data in each photo.

This is just the beginning of something big. We've already booked a new photo shooting trip to the Lapland forest.

Check out our little video of the first photo shooting trip to Lapland forest area.


Antti S. support, photographer and adventurer

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