Unelmaa Vision - Your Dream Land!

 Unelmaa is a community for everyone wanting to own land and enjoy nature! We invite you to join and acquire your own piece of land from Lapland Finland!


 The word "Unelmaa" means "Dream Land" and it comes from Finnish words "Unelma" = Dream and "maa" = Land. It is a dream-come-true for everyone who wants to have a connection to nature. No matter where you physically live you can just close your eyes and feel the presence of Unelmaa area once you have made your own trip to the area and spent a night in your own land! Unelmaa Land pieces are plain Finnish forest plots (10meter x 10 meter = 100 square meters) and you don't need to maintain or take any special care of the plots - forest grows by itself and you can preserve the nature by owning your own plot or if you like you can come and cut down a tree on your own plot or maybe even build a laavu for yourself! :)  

 Home base of Unelmaa area is the Unelmaa Laavu which is available for all Unelmaa Land owners to enjoy as a place to sleep, make food and enjoy! Unelmaa Laavu was build during the Unelmaa Builders Camp 2018 by volunteer Unelmaa Land owners. Contact Unelmaa to make a reservation if you want to make sure the Laavu is available during any particular night and be ready so share the Laavu with other Unelmaa land owners during the day.

Buy land, they're not making it anymore

You can buy small pieces of land from Unelmaa.com. We have taken photos of each unique piece of land and we sell them at the price anybody can become a land owner. Center point of each lot has been marked with GPS coordinates, so you know exactly which is yours and you find it when you'll visit your unique piece of land. You can also find it on google maps. 

The word Unelmaa is a Finnish word of dream and land. We want to see it as something real and lasting. Something that is yours for ever. Or it's something that makes your child learn something about nature and hopefully feel being a bit closer to nature. Or it may be an everlasting gift for a person important to you. 

You may wish to visit your own land to pick berries or camp in the wilderness. Or build a tree house with your child. Or some of us just want to create connection to nature and experience the feeling of nature through photos from your own lot without visiting it. Or you may want an item (what ever you wish) to be placed on your land. 

But what ever you do with your piece of land, remember to respect the nature, and make the piece of land your peace of mind.

Why should I own land?

1. To become a land owner

It feels good to own a piece of this planet. You will have your own property where you can decide and fulfill your own ideas.

2. Strengthen your connection with Nature

Owning your own peaceful piece of land gets you connected to nature in totally new level. During hectic life you can just close your eyes and make a mind trip to your own land.

3. Have a place to visit

It feels good to visit exciting new places. Lapland nature is unique, pure and exciting. You will remember for the rest of your life the first night you stay in camping tent on your own land. And you can modify your own land area to reflect your own ideas and create your own paradise on earth.

4. Plant trees to your land

You can plant trees on your own land and experience them grow and get older, just like us humans. Many people plant a tree when they get married, get children or when something else big happens in their life. Trees grow slowly and steadily in Lapland so after 10 years you can revisit your Land and meet your tree-friends.

5. Harvest your own land

100m2 of Land is a huge ecosystem on its own. It produces new wood, vegetation, berries and mushrooms every year. You are free to take as much as you want from your own Land with you.



7. As everlasting heritage for you children

World population is growing all the time. You can leave Land as an ever lasting heritage to your loved ones..

8. Have a relaxing forest canvas painting from your own land in your living room

Extend you current living room to the new dimension by adding a canvas painting showing your own 100m2 Land property. All your guest will be excited to know more.

9. Build up your own monument

Humans have always built monuments, and now you can build your own monument to your own Land.

10. Setup your own geocache

Set up a geocache to your own land and receive pictures and messages from people who visit your Land.

11. Setup a birdhouse

Build something small - for example a birdhouse to support living creatures smaller than you

Why should I buy Land from Unelmaa?

1. Unelmaa Land is easy to purchase
All you need to do is to select your favorite piece of land from our land collection. Checkout process is easy and takes just few minutes. Our staff will then contact buyer for extra information to be shown in Land owner's page.

2. Unelmaa Land is convenient size

Unelmaa Land pieces are suitable size of 100m2. Your Land is real property and big enough for your needs for affordable price.

3. Unelmaa Land has been photographed for you

You get full rights to great quality pictures you can use as you like. Many people have a canvas painting in their living room picturing their Unelmaa Land.

4. Unelmaa takes care of government responsibilities

Unelmaa is the official owner in government registry, which means you don't need to pay any property tax or such.

5. Unelmaa Land is a great gift

You can easily give Unelmaa Land as a gift. You may choose the Land area and give a canvas painting as a gift, or you can give a prepaid gift card so that the recipient can choose the Land they want. Great as a wedding present, anniversary present, or any other occasion when you want to give an ever lasting gift.

6. Get connected to other Unelmaa Land owners

Plan your trip together with other Unelmaa Land owners and share experiences in social media. Unelmaa affiliates provide additional services tailored to Unelmaa traveller's needs.

Where is Unelmaa Located?

Unelmaa area is located in awesome Northern Finland just 2.3 kilometers from the center of Salla. All Unelmaa Land areas are inside a very quiet forest to give the feeling of being out in the wilderness. On the other hand it is just 700 meters by forest road from closest houses and a total of 2.3 kilometers from Salla grocery shops, Salla bus station, pharmacy, pizza and cafe. 

Visit our Facebook pages www.facebook.com/unelmaaland to read more Unelmaa stories and feel free to share your thoughts of owning land with us at support@unelmaa.com

Buy land, they're not making it anymore. - Mark Twain