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Buy land, they're not making it anymore

You can buy small pieces of land from Unelmaa.com. We have taken photos of each unique piece of land and we sell them at the price anybody can become a land owner. Center point of each lot has been marked with GPS coordinates, so you know exactly which is yours and you find it when you'll visit your unique piece of land. You can also find it on google maps. 

The word Unelmaa is a Finnish word of dream and land. We want to see it as something real and lasting. Something that is yours for ever. Or it's something that makes your child learn something about nature and hopefully feel being a bit closer to nature. Or it may be an everlasting gift for a person important to you. 

You may wish to visit your own land to pick berries or camp in the wilderness. Or build a tree house with your child. Or some of us just want to create connection to nature and experience the feeling of nature through photos from your own lot without visiting it. Or you may want an item (what ever you wish) to be placed on your land.

But what ever you do with your piece of land, remember to respect the nature, and make the piece of land your peace of mind.

Who are behind Unelmaa?

The company was founded by four friends in 2014. Teemu Lehto had the Unelmaa vision of Lapland forest, quiet place for meditating and being close to nature, sharing with people wanting to have connection to nature and building an Unelmaa community. Antti Sihlman had the professional photographer skills and time to set things up. Antti and Arto Kosunen had a long background in investments, customer businesses and technology businesses. Being busy businessmen we all valued the nature and wanted to give everybody a possibility to own their own unique piece of land. Currently Unelmaa is a long-lasting self-sustained community facilitating long-term collaboration of Unelmaa Land owners and together developing the Unelmaa Land area in Salla.

Want to learn more?

If you want to know more about Unelmaa or share your ideas, please contact via facebook pages, send an email or call directly: 

Teemu Lehto
Unelmaa Real Estate Oy
Phone: +358.405.460.202
Email: teemu.lehto@unelmaa.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/teemu.lehto.14
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