Can I visit the land?

Yes, you have the right to visit your piece of land with whom ever you want as often as you want. 

You are welcome to visit your piece of land for example by walking, skiing, cycling, by car, snowmobile or any such vehicle. We are also pleased to see you staying or setting up a camp temporarily on your Unelmaa land area. You may pick wild berries, mushrooms, flowers or other natural products from all Unelmaa land areas according to Finnish legislation.

Can I plant a tree on my land or harvest?

Yes, you may to plant a tree or other vegetation on your Land. You own the vegetation in your Land and you are free to harvest your land, please notify us and we are happy to help.

Can I place a plaque on my land?

Yes, you may store items and place for example a plaque or any such physical object on your land. Please notify us in case you plan to place visible items.

Can i build a treehouse to my own land?

Yes. It is your own land. You may build a bird house, hidden mini cottage or treehouse. But remember to respect the nature and notify us regarding your plans for Unelmaa acceptance. 

If you want to build a house to live in, please contact us antti.sihlman@unelmaa.com and we'll find you a piece of land big enough to build a house. 

Do i need to report my land in tax report?

You don't need to report your Unelmaa land possession registration to tax officials.

What do I get?

The agreement-based right of possession to Unelmaa piece of land means that the piece of land and its coordinates shall be registered under the landholder’s name in the Unelmaa landholding database and that the landholder is in possession of the land area. 

Can anyone buy a land from the Unelmaa?    

Yes. Unelmaa is an ooprtunity for every person from every country to acquire own piece of land.    
Can I buy a land as a gift?   
Yes. The land may be purchased to someone else.  
Can I buy more than one plot of land?
Yes. You may buy as many plots of land you wish.   
May I re-sell the land I purchased?   
Yes. The new owner has to register and we'll charge €40 for new owners registration fee.    
Which payments methods are accepted?   
Paypal and all major credit cards.

Are there any hidden charges, taxes, or future payments to make?

No. There are absolutely no other costs associated with buying or owning this land. You will have no further expense to pay after the initial purchase price.

Do I need to register my land?

No. Your Land is registered by Unelmaa in Unelmaa landowners database under contract law. In this way, these small land areas can be sold without the expenses which would otherwise make this uneconomical. You will receive a copy of your land ownership after purchase.

How do I know which land is mine?

In order to legally transfer the plot to you under contract law, we define its location precisely by providing you the exact GPS location. The location of each land is unique.


Who are behind Unelmaa?


The company was founded by four friends. Brothers having a family business and two other professionals. The founders have a long background in investments, customer businesses and technology businesses. Being busy businessmen we also value the nature and wanted to give everybody a possibility to own their own unique piece of land. We are at your service, if you want to know more about Unelmaa or share your ideas, please contact: 


antti.sihlman@unelmaa.com, +358 456755397
teemu.lehto@unelmaa.com, +358 40 546 0202
arto.kosunen@unelmaa.com, +358 400 792511
antti.kosunen@unelmaa.com, +358 400 850 200