Unelmaa Map

Unelmaa Vision - Your Dream Land!

 Unelmaa is a community for everyone wanting to own land and enjoy nature! We invite you to join and acquire your own piece of land from Lapland Finland!

Unelmaa area is located in awesome Northern Finland just 2.3 kilometers from the center of Salla. All Unelmaa Land areas are inside a very quiet forest to give the feeling of being out in the wilderness. On the other hand it is just 700 meters by forest road from closest houses and a total of 2.3 kilometers from Salla grocery shops, Salla bus station, pharmacy, pizza and cafe. 

Visit our Facebook pages www.facebook.com/unelmaaland to read more Unelmaa stories and feel free to share your thoughts of owning land with us at support@unelmaa.com

Buy land, they're not making it anymore. - Mark Twain