Salla forest

Welcome to Salla, Finland

Welcome to the middle of nowhere
Salla is situated above the Arctic Circle, next to the Russian border and in the middle of the large and beautiful wilderness areas. Here is living only 0,7 persons and two reindeer per square kilometer.  The unique wilderness area, with its diverse natural environment, provides a setting for unforgettable experiences for anyone visiting Salla, an opportunity to experience the touch of the wild in the way they have always dreamed of. Now you have a magnificient opportunity to buy a piece of wilderness by yourself!
Salla is also an authentic Lappish village with tourism facilities. You can join a local guide to reindeer, husky or snowmobile safari, ski in well- maintained slopes and ski tracks, canoe in the Oulanka National Park of have a hiking trip to wilderness. You are welcome to visit your own land or just to experience the nature of Lapland.

Below you'll find information about the  Salla forest is located in Salla, Lapland Finland. 


Find the middle point of the Salla Forest from here. You are welcome to visit area any time. At summer time you can experience the midnight sun - a natural phenomen when sun stays visible even at midnight. During winter time you can experience the northern lights in your own land.

We've photographed every land which is in store. Easiest way to find your own land is to use gps coordinates that points the midpoint of your land.


Traveling instructions - How to get to Salla

Salla is easy to reach. Travel instructions to salla are here and by Air here.

Unelmaa Land areas are located a few kilometers from salla village center.


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Hotels and places to stay:  Accommodation in salla 

Town of Salla


Photos from our first photo shoot trip to Salla (April 2014)

Northern lights

At winter time you can experience amazing Northern light in your own land.

Northern light photos by Mikko Halvari

Video footage of our first photo shooting trips to Salla forest




 Unelmaa - My Dream Land